Real Estate Photography in Los Angeles

Real Estate Photography in Los Angeles has taken off the past few years. More and more agents see the value of hiring a professional photographer for a listing, because they understand that a good, meaningful photography means more potential buyers. In Los Angeles, we are entering a seller’s market, more and more houses are being listed daily on MLS or other internet sites in the same area your house is probably. To sell your house for what it’s worth, you have to make sure to complete these 12 tasks. Read “12 ways to not sell your house”


Are you a flexible seller? meaning, you have to sell your house fast because you are moving, have financial problems or personal problems. These are reasons to drop the price of your house if there are not enough offers. There is no reason to sell your house for lower than the market value. I believe it’s important to spend a few hundred dollars on a good advertisement of the house than to have not choice but to lower the price because you need to sell fast. Ask your agent to get a professional photography done on your house, he or she might split the cost with and besides, they should be more motivated than you to sell your house.

I am a house owner and when we were looking to purchase a house in Tujunga, I was using either Zillow or Realtor on daily basis to search new listings in Tujunga. My house popped up onto the screen because of the professional photography done; because the photographer took his time to touch up the photos and bring life to the house, show it’s potential in the most genuine way. When we arrived to see the house, I thought the photographs were better, than the house; but in our minds we were already sold. We had other 10 offers on the house and we managed to purchase it.