3 Reasons why Professional Real Estate Photography Matters

In Real Estate, we are either buyers or sellers. Sometimes the circumstances are such that we want to sell our property to as quickly as possible for the best price as possible. We all heard the stories where the sellers end up selling their house for much cheaper then the market value because they need to sell now and there are no potential buyers showing up. The main reason is bad representation, and the big question is: HOW CAN YOU ATTRACT MORE BUYERS? Well, I believe there are 3 Reasons why professional Real Estate Photography matters for your house.



Here are three reasons why professional real estate photography matters!


Thanks to sites like Zillow, Realtor, many other Real Estate websites, over 60% percent of the buyers search for their home online, while also being accommodated by a Real Estate Agent. If your property is in the area of their interest, but you have no photos to display your 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, with a pool and the beautiful view of the mountains, then your neighbor’s house who has a few photographs has a better chance of getting the next appointment.


Picture tells a thousand words. Good saying, but poorly optimized when it comes to Real Estate. If you are on Facebook or the internet, I am pretty sure you have seen houses that left you in Awe. You just dreamt of living in that house, the photographs were so warm and inviting, the candles lit, the house alive, that you went to bed that night dreaming about it. The same is true about your house, because if you are moving on, there is certainly a family out there who would love to live in your house. Professional Photography of Real Estate consists of showing the lively house you have. Real Estate Photographers show the potential of the house and what it has to offer. They are half way sold when they make the phone call.


Humans are imaginative creatures. We have 5 senses that we use in the real life and can also use in our imagination. When we see something we want, we see ourselves having thing, touching that thing, smelling and tasting that thing. The same is true about Professional Real Estate Photography. The Photographer focuses on turning on the emotional neurons of the viewer by finding what’s appealing to the human senses about the house. We take pictures with feelings; we give life to the house. If you can spark the imagination and make the buyer emotionally connect with your property through photos, then it’s a matter of days on selling the house.