12 ways to not sell your house

If you want to sell your house and sell it fast, know that as many reasons there are to bring potential buyers your way, there are the same or more reasons why potential buyers will turn away from your house. Here are 12 ways to not sell your house:

1. The Smelly house

The two common turn off smells are: pet odors and smoking odors. Eliminate these

2. Lawn, the loner

You know they are coming to potentially buy the house. Why bother cutting the grass, right? WRONG! Lawn is an extension of the house, it gives the house curb appeal in most homes. Do the job, the pay off is going to be worth it.

3. Dirty Front Door

Just imagine, these buyers step into the house through the front door. Talk about first impression, make sure to keep it clean as long as your house is on the market. Then, after you sell it, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it ever again 😉

4. The Litter Box

eeeh, no reason to clean it; I mean I cleaned it yesterday. PLEASE, clean the litter box now and make sure the odor is out of the house not in the house.

5. Depression Light

Dim Light is also known as depression light. Make sure to lit the house, please. A lit house brings joy and smiles and optimism. Who said you have to be a good salesman? Just lit the house.

6. Distraction

Pets can be distracting, being a pet owner, I hate to say this, but keep them in their crate for a few minutes, until the house is looked at

7. Bathrooms and Kitchens

This is where Hygiene happens. Your potential buyers will want to see your Hygiene conditions and it will tell them a lot about the potential condition of the house. BUGS, on that note


Harmless and tiny but scare away  and turn off a buyer. So, go about cleaning as many spider webs as you see and if you need professional help, you know who to call.

9. Family Pictures

yeah, yeah. It’s still your house. You know, that person is risking an awful a lot of money to become a homeowner and when they step into your house, they want to feel like their house. Family photos and albums can be a block for your buyer’s imagination

10. Space

You are getting ready to move anyways, so pack in any small furniture like foot stools, side tables that clutter the space. Do a minimum work for a maximum impact. GUARANTEED

11. The Awkward Guy

When the buyer is in your house, please make sure to give them their private time if you think they so desire. Do not hover around their side outside and inside. Some want to take in the house their own way

12. Last but not least. This may seem a lot, but PAINT the WALLS

Your offbeat colors might be OK for you, but not for your potential buyers. Why do new built houses and apartments paint their walls white, because it’s a bright color and neutral color. It make a person feel like home and whatever furniture they have in mind, matches the color of the walls.

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